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Halfway There, Livin’ On a Prayer

17 Mar

I cannot believe this trip is half over.  Where has the time gone?  We have been quite busy between our volunteering and site seeing that the time has just flown way too fast.

Tuesday night we went to AID Atlanta where one of their employees gave us a very informative and thorough presentation on HIV/AIDS and its history, its effects, and the evolvement of treatmens over time.  We then came back and had a late night dinner of make your own breakfast for dinner.  The chocolate chip pancakes were definitely my favorite.

On Wednesday we only worked a half day at Project Open Hand.  We then took some time to be tourists in Atlanta.  We hung out at the CNN World Headquarters, went to the World of Coke (thank you to the Coca Cola Company for giving us free passes!), Centennial Olympic Park, and the Atlanta Underground.  We then had another fine adventure at Walmart (a different one this time) and then cooked a wonderful Mexican feast consisting of quesadillas, beans, rice, and tortilla chips.

It has been an amazing adventure so far.  I think we all have really reflected on the service we have done.  And I know we have certainly bonded with the employees at Project Open Hand… they are all really amazing people.  These few days are ones I will never forget and I am really excited for all that is in store the next few days.

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What An Adventure So Far!

15 Mar

Where to even begin… this trip has been quite an adventure!  After 24 hours, we finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel, aka the skyline of Atlanta!

Our roadtrip was beast.  Good music, sleepy volunteers, and the usual NY traffic.  We stopped in Philadelphia for a few hours to be tourists and just so happned to run into the Philly ASB trip while walking back to our van… small world I suppose.

We arrived in HOTLANTA bright and early Sunday morning.  We had a donation from Dunkin Donuts, played at a park, and then checked into our housing (aka penthouse nursery rooms).  We then went to the Georgia Aquarium… only the biggest aquarium in the world.  NBD.   The evening concluded with the first real group bonding cooking a homemade meal of mac and cheese and fruit salad together.

Today was our first day on site at Project Open Hand.  The people who work their are amazing.  They dedicate their lives to serving over 6,500 people a day… people who have chronic illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, spinal chord injuries.  Our group split up, half going on delivery routes while the other half stayed to package meals.  After we reunited for lunch, we swapped places.

This evening we went to Piedmont Park and soaked up the rays, 75 and sunny to be exact.  We then went to The Varsity Diner, only the world’s largest drive-in diner.  Look at us seeing the world’s largest stuff!  Can’t beat that!  The evening concluded with some group bonding, a failed attempt at the human knot (but it brought us closer… winning), and then Get Him to the Greek.  We’re off to sleep, as tomorrow will be another early day.

Look for more pictures and information about the trip!


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23 Hours

11 Mar

23 hours from now, we will be departing Boston for our 24 hour trip to Hotlanta.  Re-read that sentance.  Wow.  Onyema and I are both very excited but also very nervous at the same time.  We have been planning this trip since October.  And now it is right around the corner.

Our volunteers are very enthusiastic about the experience.  Our chaperone is excited too.  And so are we.  The next week is going to be one we will never forget.  It is going to be a time of bonding, a time of hard work and giving back, but also a week of being tourists and exploring the country.

We are young.  We are free.  Now is our time to give back to the world that has given us so much growing up.  Now is our time to make a difference and an impact.  This is a week to get away from email, get away from Facebook.  This is a week to change lives.  We’re ready for an unforgetable experience, and I hope our fellow ASBers are ready too.

BUASB11.  Here. We. Come.

Rapid HIV/AIDS Testing TODAY

10 Mar

Hello hello!

Today, Rapid HIV/AIDS Testing will be available in the GSU (3rd floor) until 2:00 PM.  If you are curious about the process, check it out.

Rapid HIV Testing

6 Mar

We just wanted to let you know that Rapid HIV Testing is going on at the GSU on Thursday if you might be interested to experience it.  Either way, here is a video on YouTube about it.


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Can’t Wait to Meet Our Volunteers!

2 Mar

We are both so excited to meet our volunteers at Pre-Break tonight.  We have a lot of important, but yet fun information to cover.  First time our group can start bonding together. Afterall, ASB is only 10 days away!

Have a good day.  Hold in the excitement.  And see you at 7:00 in Metcalf!


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