About The Coordinators

Ben Heyman (@heyheyman) is a 19 year old sophomore in the College of General Studies continuing into the College of Communications for Public Relations.  Outside of classes he serves as an Admissions Ambassador in the Office of Undergratuate Admissions, the webmaster for Boston University On Broadway, a coordinator for the Community Service Center’s Alternative Spring Break (duh), and an associate at Panera Bread.  Down time?  Nahhh, there is none of that.  Ben was born in New York City but has been living in the great state of Maryland for 16 years.  He is quite obsessed with Apple (the electronics company, not the fruit) and has big plans (life goals) to work for them out of their London headquarters.  You will have to wait to learn more about Ben, but he is a very, very cool guy.

Onyema Onyekwu
is a 20 year old “airplanian”-Nigerian-American. Don’t get too freaked out people. If you have never heard of an “airplanian” before, its because there aren’t that many of them. She was born on a plane hence the fact that she is ”airplanian”, but she has dual citizenship in both the US ad Nigeria. She is  a music lovin’, dance all day long giggin’, food adorin’, Boston raised woman who loves to just have fun. She loves to travel and adores babies like no other. She wants to become a Nurse Midwife later on in life and has delivered 2 babies already! (ask her about it when you get the chance). Traveling the world and delivering babies is her biggest passion but spreading the word about social issues that surround world is also very important to her as well. She has never been to Atlanta, GA before and she can’t wait to go on this ASB trip!


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